Agent of Change

The Transformational Journey of 'Such a One'

Understanding your purpose, the benefits to be gained and the tools to apply makes one just want to go! Many have attributed the journey of self-discovery as a spiritual quest into some unknown desert, mountain or a trip around the world, such as the journey of the Beatles in the ‘60s that led to the transformation of the music group, or Steve Job’s self-discovery trip in the ‘70s that inspired his innovation for apple. Yet, self-discovery could be as easy as JK Rowling’s four-hour trip on a train from Manchester to London.

This book takes you through the journey of self-discovery of your Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs), your Identity, your Calling, your Potentials and your Mission. An Agent of Change is God’s tool, “workmanship”, to do good work that has been pre-ordained, and to become great in the land. It’s not just limited to the likes of Moses, Edison, King, Mandela, Jobs, Branson, Gates or many alike; it’s about you! Learning from Joseph to David, and Esther to Joan of Arc, you will stir up the gifts in you that will make you the change agent you are praying to see in our nations.

Dr Olu Olasode 3
Dr Olu-Segun Olasode

The Author of Change

Dr Olusegun Olasode is a Chartered Accountant, Economist and Transformational Leadership Consultant with over 32 years professional experience working with private and government organisations across the world. He has delivered on numerous large-scale turnarounds, organisational transformation and major reform programmes. He has also held a number of international business and government appointments and Chairman positions, delivering reforms in excess of $300 billion in total. He was once Chief Technical Adviser and Coordinator of the President’s Technical Matters Unit with the Nigerian Government. He was also Special Adviser, Commissioner, Director, Board Member and Audit Chairman with a number of organisations in the previous three successive British Government Administrations.

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  • JosephAbugh

    February 6, 2022 - 10:57 pm


    It is a reality of life that you will suddenly die one day and possibly soon. So you have to find out who our savior is? Before you die and face him..

    RATIONAL TEACHINGS: Since God bestowed reason and intellect on mankind, it is our duty to use it to distinguish truth from falsehood. True undistorted revelation from God must be rational and can be reasoned out by all unbiased minds.

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    and find out the TRUTH before it is too late


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